Jonas Hühn

Jonas Hühn

Landscape Photographer

Landscape photography is a passion that comes along with my interest of exploring the wild and beautiful nature. Being outside at remarkable places at times no one else is around is always a feeling of freedom and satisfaction. For this I am always looking for new destinations to explore and to capture sceneries out of the comfort zone of any other. This gives me an additional bit of possibilities to full fill the composition created in my mind. It is great when people are motivated by my work to enjoy the beauty of nature and maybe become a bit aware of the feeling to protect that given paradise.

The base for my excursions and trips is the small town of Marburg in central Hessen, where I live and grew up. Here I am currently working on my doctoral thesis in the field of nanobiotechnology.

The tool to capture the raw material for my images is a Canon 650D which still is my first DSLR camera. Also I use a Canon 10-18 mm lens for most of my wide angle shots. Aside I use a Sigma 17-50 mm f 2.8 lens and a Canon 50 mm f 1.8. In the field I always take my tripod which gives me the possibility to perfectly balance the composition, furthermore I always feel more settled using a tripod as I am already rushing when the light is good. A set of Lee graduated filters gives me the needed dynamic range within my photos. In post processing I am always anxious to put the pieces together in a natural way within my personal artistic interpretation using LR and PS.

To date I also look back to some experience on shooting portraits, baby pictures, weddings and events. So if I can help you with my photographic know how just contact me and I am pleased to discuss the details.